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Google Invests Into Hybrid Cars

Posted by answersplease on June 26, 2007


Google Invests Into

Hybrid Cars

Google Invests Into Hybrid Cars: Google announces yesterday that they are investing $11 Million Dollars into the development and production of Hybrid cars. Google is investing with Car manufacturing company:  RechargeIT initiative is an 11-million-dollar programme funded by

RechargeIT Initiative started by ordering and converting six vehicles (four Toyota Prius and two Ford Escapes) into Hybrid cars. Each of the cars are plug-in hybrids whose batteries can be charged through a regular socket. On Monday in the parking lot of its Silicon Valley headquarters an event will be held showing what the cars are and how they work.

The Hybrid car’s batteries are charged from the car’s engine when the hybrid breaks or when coasting through the cars excess energy. By using electricity from the battery the Toyota Prius can go about 26 kilometers on one liter of fuel.

‘We hope to demonstrate the potential of plug-in hybrid cars and vehicle-to-grid technologies as a way to create a more, secure and efficient green energy system,’ stated chief Larry Brilliant.

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