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Contra 4 Announced

Posted by answersplease on June 28, 2007


Contra 4 Announced

Contra 4 Announced:Contra the heavyweight of arcade’s 4th game of the Contra series (Contra 4) was announced by Konami Digital Entertainment Inc. in Redwood City, California on the 20th of June Konami Digital Entertainment Inc. Contra 4 will have all the classic arcade style graphics and will be for the Nintendo DS.
Contra 4 takes place 2 years after the events of Contra III. After saving earth from invasion by Red Falcon, Bill Rizer and Lance Bean are confronted with a new arch enemy the terrifying Black Viper. Joined by Scorpion and the Mad Dog they must wage war against an entire army of invaders again. (yea…. LOL).

“There will be massive boss battles as players try to seek and destroy the weak points of sky-high enemies.” The game will also feature a grappling hook weapon that “lets players grab onto elements of the environment directly above them.” Stated Konami (Creator of the Game).
Contra 4 will be another run-and-gun alien-blasting co-op shooter game like the other games of the series. Contra 4 gives a whole new meaning to 2D shooting where you don’t just play on 1 screen but 2 screens!  It may have the classic arcade look but the 2 screens make it waaaaaaay better! (Sorry that’s the best I could do LOL).

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