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Sony Ericsson Launches 2 Walkman, 2 Camera Phones

Posted by answersplease on June 21, 2007


Sony Ericsson Launches 2 Walkman, 2 Camera


 Sony Ericsson are awaiting the launching of the 2 Walkman and 2 Camera mobile phones. Dee Dutta (Marketing Chief) announced they will be available worldwide in the second half of this year perfect present for christmas!

The W960 Walkman is the best as Walkmans get. The W960 is compete with products such as Apple’s much-hyped iPhone. The W960 is touch screen, has enough memory to store up to 8,000 songs (compared to the 30GB Ipod video which only holds up to 7500 songs) and has built-in WiFi wireless access.

The W910 Walkman slider phone has an innovative control mechanism which allows the users to scan through their songs by shaking the phone. (Yes weird stuff! lol)

The K850 Camera phone has a 5-megapixel camera which is more than most normal cameras! The K850 will also be sold under the Cyber-shot Brand.

The Z320 is a more basic phone.

Sony Ericsson declined to give any sales forecasts for its new models. “Our expectation is to sell as many as we can,” Stated Sony Ericsson marketing chief Dee Dutta told Reuters.

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